Panel 1: Live and Mediated Subjectivity  

Steve Dixon, ‘Posthuman Performance and Paradox: Machinization Dehumanization and Cybernetic Existentialism’

Eirini Nedelkopoulou, ‘The Live and the Mediated: Chiasmic Subjectivities in Mixed-media Environments’

Natasha Lushetich, 'Weaving Posthuman Temporalities: Blast Theory's Can You See Me Now?'

Zoo Indigo, ‘This is now, this is live’  

(Chair: Graeme Pedlingham)


Panel 2: Posthuman Gender and the Uncanny

Laura Bissell, ‘Amorphous Bodies: The Technological Uncanny in Performance’

Francesca Ferrando, ‘Cyborgs, Goddesses and Monsters - a genealogy of the post-human in women's art’

Daniel Ploeger, ‘Sonic Intimacy – exploring posthuman personal space in performance with sonified biosignals’

Kirk Woolford, ‘cyberSM and Teledildonics Revisited’

(Chair: Liz Sage)


Panel 3: The Posthuman in (Music) Theatre

Louise LePage, ‘We’ve always been posthuman: posthuman character in drama’

Christophe Collard, ‘Aporias of Wilson: Staging Hypertext’

Nicholas Till, ‘The Body Electric: Transhuman Sounds on the Dance Floor’

(Chair: Seda Ilter)


Panel 4: Hybrid Encounters

Lia Wen-Ching Liang, ‘Performing Traditional Theatre Genres in Intercultural Theatre’

Katherine Mezur, ‘Mutant Dancing: Dolls, Furry Robots, and Other Outsiders Take Heart’

Kathleen O’Riordan, ‘New Rat Publics: Genomic Bioart, Encounter and Relationality’

Paul Hurley, ‘The Performance of Shamanoid Becomings’

(Chair: Robin Bagon)


Saturday Morning Session

Paul Barker and Christopher Newell, ‘Whose Voice Is It Anyway?’


Performances (Friday night)

Cris Cheek, ‘monday morning quarterbacking “on” and “off” gods commons’

Caroline Wilkins and Oded Ben-Tal, ‘Zaum: beyond mind’

Daniel Ploeger ‘Speakers/Suit’

Holland Wilde, ‘Cultural Farming’ (video screening)


Exhibition (Friday and Saturday) 

Mila Burghardt – PERFECT BODY (living sex machine)

Franco and Eva Mattes - re-enactment of Abramovic & Ulay’s ‘Imponderabilia’ in Second Life (machinima)

Daniel Ploeger - Test #1 / Test #2 (Sonic Prosthesis)

Stelarc - Prosthetic Head monologue

Stelarc - Second Life Gallery

Holland Wilde - Cultural Farming

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